ODINBLACKSEA was established during the XIXth Session of the IODE Committee (Trieste, Italy, March 2007) through the Recommendation IODE-XIX.10.


          The Objectives of the Project:


OBJECTIVE 1: Provide assistance in the development, operation and strengthening of National Oceanographic Data (and Information) Centres and Associate Data Units (ADU) of Black Sea Countries and to establish oceanographic data and information network amongst them by applying IOC/IODE Ocean Data Portal (ODP)


OBJECTIVE 2: Provide training and education in oceanographic data and information management as well as data collection, taking into account the requirements of operational oceanography; applying standard formats and methodologies as defined by the IOC/IODE ;


OBJECTIVE 3: Enhance national and regional awareness for oceanographic data and information management;


OBJECTIVE 4: Assist in integration and maintenance of national and regional oceanographic data, metadata and information databases;


OBJECTIVE 5: Assist in development and dissemination of oceanographic data and information products and services, meeting the needs of user communities at the national and regional levels, and responding to national and regional priorities; 


OBJECTIVE 6: Undertake the ODINBLACKSEA activities in close collaboration and networking with The Commission on the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution (Black Sea Commission) and other relevant organizations, programs and projects operating in the Black Sea;